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pTah aTy ??
Sunday, 5 December 2010 | 01:49
hurm, ,ctew pcal ptah aty nie ..lyza sllu rse kn . .sked sgt . .1st pth aty ,mse umo 12 twon. . .12 twon ? ? x ckop mude kew tuw tok rse kn yg nme nye pth aty ???
hurm . .mse 4/12/2010 , ,dew somethink t'jdy at lyza yg wat smpai lyza nnges . .lyza kne mrh nan ex lyza . .dye ckp lyza nie PENIPU & POMPUAN XDE GUNE ...smpai aty dye ckp cm tuw at lyza . .its k . lyza just ley sbar jew...slgi lyza ley ,,lyza kn ttap sbar . .xdew sorunk pown twu isi aty lyza cm ne . .kcuali ALLAH . .kpde ex lyza tuw , ,please lar jgn ckp cm tuw at lyza. .u x twu lyza cm ne , ,but y u can say that 2 me ? ?by the way , ,,thanx 4 doing that on me . ..thanx 4 hurt my hearts . ! .thanx a lot dear ! ! ! !
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Hyep korang =D da singgah blog Liza tu , pandai2 la tinggalkan jejak and follow Liza k ? Tak mow sombong meyh :)

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